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Artesian Advantages

Not all pools are created the same

In-wall plumbing

Artesian pool shells are engineered so that all perimeter piping is encased inside the structural walls of the pool shell.  This alleviates any chance of breakage during backfill and prevents future pipe breaks around the perimeter of the pool.  All radius shaped pools and spas are constructed with rigid PVC; heated and conformed to the shape of the structure, before being pressure tested and encased in concrete. This is the same method that is typical with commercial pool construction.  


Artesian gives attention to the backfill that is second to none. When excavating for a pool shell, the hole is much larger than the pool itself. Replacing the fill dirt around the pool shell after the concrete is installed is important because it is the foundation for the pool deck. While most companies will install the fill dirt around the pool shell by only compacting the top layer or just washing in with water to attempt to fill the voids, Artesian compacts the fill dirt in multiple layers as it is being installed around the pool. This takes an excessive amount of time, but is the most important detail in reducing the risk of any future settlement.


Artesian includes paver decking as a standard with all pool packages using only top quality materials.  In addition to the compacted backfill, all paver decks are installed over a layer of compacted road base to further reduce the risk of any future settlement.


Artesian exclusively uses Pentair equipment, issuing the best warranties in the industry. All filtration pumps installed are variable speed, energy efficient, and sized above the standard recommendations. Any system that includes the addition of a heater, automation system, or salt generator, will be issued a manufacturer warranty of three years of parts and labor on all Pentair equipment instead of the typical one year warranty.

Thicker walls

Artesian installs full 7” thick pool walls to encase the perimeter piping in concrete, as well as to provide support below the entire base of the 9” pool coping brick.  A standard 5” pool shell will leave voids below the backside of the brick coping that can lead to future separation of the brick. By installing a thicker pool shell, Artesian is confident in issuing our lifetime structural warranty on all pool shells.  

Retaining walls

Artesian retaining walls are formed, steeled, and shot with concrete as a solid, one-piece structure.  The typical “block and footer” retaining walls are known to develop cracks showing their points of weakness and sometimes have complete failure. Artesian retaining walls are issued the same lifetime warranty as our pool shells.


All Artesian pools are constructed with a minimum of 2” piping returns and 2 ½” main drain lines on pools and 2 ½” piping returns with 3” main drain lines on pool/spa combos.  The increased plumbing sizes create a free-flowing system that enables the equipment to operate under lower pressure; assisting the efficiency of the system and prolonging the life of the equipment.


Artesian only installs heat pumps that have a titanium constructed heat exchangers and HD gas heaters with cupro-nickel exchangers.  The titanium and cupro-nickel compounds in the heat exchangers protect them from chemical damage, which is the most vital component of the heat pump.






The Artesian showroom has more than 200 tiles and over 25 brick coping selection samples to choose from.  We offer a higher allowance in your pool budget for these standard selections.  Other pool companies only offer this vast selection at an “upgraded cost”.

Pearl interior finish

As a standard, Artesian uses a large aggregate interior finish that includes a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.  Having the large aggregate, this product provides a more consistent application resulting in a high quality appearance.  Most pool companies charge an” upgrade” for this type of finish over the standard small aggregate finish.


Artesian provides design service to all potential customers at no charge.  This service is to create a design that meets or exceeds the customer’s personal expectations.  We do not believe in simply offering a set of standard “template pool shapes” to choose from. 


Warranties are only as dependable as the company that issues them.  Artesian is a locally owned family business, where ownership has been a resident of Lee County for over 40 years. Artesian Pool Construction, Inc. was started in 1995 and has grown strong; becoming a leader in the Florida pool building industry.  Going above and beyond is a reputation that Artesian is proud of and strives to maintain through superior products and exceptional customer service.

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